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Have You Ever Met A Woman Who Fell Out Of Love With Love?   I would always tell myself, no matter what, I’ll still believe in love… now I’m questioning whether I believe in love and real relationships…. In my opinion, relationships aren’t real because people in general aren’t real. When you meet someone nowadays, […]

  “DISCRETION DOESN’T MEAN HIDE YOUR LOVE LIFE – IT MEANS BE WISE ABOUT THE INFORMATION YOU SHARE & WITH WHOM YOU SHARE IT WITH”     It took me a while to fully understand what the above quote meant (years to be exact!). I used to think public displays of love via social media […]

A Couple of months ago I read something on instagram that said, “Re-post, if you’re faithful to a single n*gga”. People were re-posting and making fun of it, but in my mind I was wondering, why? Why re-post something that you know you’re not happy with? Why agree with it? Why not change your situation? […]

“I Can’t Be Great For People Who Are Bad For Me And I Had To Learn That I Needed To Stop Chasing After Relationships That Were Fading” – Alexandra Elle, Love in My Language Why do we chase men? Especially those who can’t do sh*t for us. I see so many women chasing men, instead […]

Everyday I drink two glasses of red wine and frequently, I read relationship books. I follow relationship gurus on social media and I often screenshot their quotes. I often see them telling women to take time out before jumping into a relationship. Then, I went to a Tony Gaskins seminar and he told a woman […]

“The love is still there, my presence is just gone” – Rob Hill Sr. So, I’m single. The only man in my life is my son. We go to the movies, we go out to eat, he cracks corny kid jokes and I pretend its funny and the only thing snoring in my room at […]

This post isn’t about labeling anyone a hoe, this post is about why you’re being called a hoe…. Now, I’m the first one to defend a chick if a man calls her a hoe. Men call women hoes when they can’t hit, if she’s not interested or if she smashed more than one person he […]