An Intro

So, if anyone realizes, the name of the site has changed. Hopefully by the time you read this, the look of the site has changed as well. I decided to change the name because, like I said before, I’m definitely not giving out advice, I’m just sharing my crazy life with everyone that reads this.

When I first started this in 2011, I thought about giving advice and having people email their situations anonymously; I post it and give my opinion on the situation, but a lot of people aren’t real with themselves to even take advice from others. So, I decided to write about me, my situations, how I handled them and hopefully you’ll laugh, cry or learn from it (I do all of the above). I’ve learned that people would rather look at the mistakes of others before they look at their own. So, here I am, letting you in on my dating life, my parenting life and my daily life. I hope you enjoy what you read; let me know what you think and don’t forget to share with your friends and even with the people you may not like.



**Intro from MeetUpAdvice in 2011**  

I bet you thought that this was another one of those advice sites. NOPE! I came up with the name “MeetupAdvice” a while back. At first I wanted an advice site, but after a while, I decided that sharing my own personal stories would be better than telling someone to walk away from a fight, when I know damn well I’ll walk right into one. I just didn’t see myself telling someone to be righteous, when I’m all the way wrong. So, this site is about my perspective of life, family and relationships. It’s about my personal crazy experiences because I’m always caught between “crazy” and “un-f!*cking-believable”. I want you to be able to relate to one or all of my posts and instead of me giving you advice, hopefully we can both learn from it.

So, why did I decide to start writing or “Blogging”? because there aren’t many females being candid about their issues. I see a lot of males telling us what to do and how we should carry ourselves. Although it’s nice, they don’t understand us like we understand us. It’s hard to wear a “crown” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sometimes it’s hard to say, “no” to the unbelievably handsome guy who offered to give you a massage after a week of texting because you know it will lead to a bit more than a massage. I’m here to tell you, its ok to sit your crown down and give people a couple of curse words and YES, you can say yes to the guy who wants to give you that massage. Everyone likes massages + a little extra.

Women need to be reminded how strong they are, by other women. So, my stories will be about a female with a foul mouth, a strong attitude, a crazy family (who are sometimes unbelievably inconsiderate), parenting issues and men (who are indeed the new women of the 21st Century). Be prepared to laugh, cry and shake your head. Welcome to Meet Up Advice

Kay James ❤

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