Conduct Yourself like a Lady and They Can Never Call you A Hoe..

This post isn’t about labeling anyone a hoe, this post is about why you’re being called a hoe….

Now, I’m the first one to defend a chick if a man calls her a hoe. Men call women hoes when they can’t hit, if she’s not interested or if she smashed more than one person he knows. None of those reasons are reasons a female should be labeled a hoe. Listen, as a woman, you can do anything that satisfies you. If you want to have sex with more than one guy, that’s what you choose to do. Society tells us that women shouldn’t do this because it’s not conducive to being a lady. Yes, we should always conduct ourselves as ladies, but being sexual and flirtatious does not make us any less of a lady and it sure does not make us hoes, but some things does…hear me out..

Looking like a hoe. Try to always look presentable. You don’t have to wear the most expensive things, but look clean. Look like you put a little effort in your appearance. Don’t go outside with a sloppy side ponytail, fish net stockings with holes in them, ya vagina hanging out your shorts and your face looking like you ain’t wash it. If you’re promiscuous, but you look like a lady, talk like and lady and conduct yourself like a lady, it will be hard for anyone to call you a hoe and believe it. You can’t really call someone a Hoe who got their sh*t together, believe me.

Don’t sound like a hoe. Expand your vocabulary. We all joke, I like saying “or nah?” but I can still have a conversation about current events. Most people try to call strippers hoes because they shake their ass for money, but if she dresses like a lady when she leaves the club and can carry a conversation the guy that was waiting on her after the club to try to smash would probably think twice after approaching her. It would be hard for him to convince himself that she’s a hoe, but he’ll still try, he’s a man.

Have manners. say “Please” and “Thank you” it shows class and etiquette. I often see men muster “hoe” underneath their breath because a chick didn’t say “Thank you”

All I’m saying is, what you do at night, behind closed doors in your bed or in someone else’s bed does not make you a hoe. How you carry yourself does…

We gotta stop calling each other hoes… Unless she really a hoe, then there’s nothing you can really do, right?

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