Your Parents’ Life is As Valuable As Yours.

*This post was written a a few months ago, I’m no longer pregnant and my mother and I are speaking right now*


Parenting is hard, I get that, because I’m a parent as well.

But this post is about parents appreciating their  children while they’re still alive as much as they preach that same narrative to us about them.

As many don’t know, I am six months pregnant. My mom and I don’t speak. As unfortunate as that may sound, it hasn’t been the first time I was pregnant and we haven’t spoke. So, I think I should be used to her doing her thing while I’m in a vulnerable state.

I’ll talk about that in a later post.

But, we don’t speak because we have several disagreements leading up to a big one. The big one, was me confronting her about her parenting skills when I was younger. And in true west indian parent fashion, although she knew she was wrong, she refused to apologize. which in turn made her stop talking to me. And while confronted by others to “just talk to your daughter” her response is..

I’m the mother, she should apologize to me! You only get one mother you know!


And while the latter is true, why in this day an age are we not using that same mindset towards our children? are children not capable of predeceasing parents?


I’m no stranger to losing a parent, because my father is deceased, so I know what it’s like to lose a parent. Although, I didn’t grow up with him, we were close enough for his passing to hurt me.

But, why do we have this mindset of children having to appreciate their parents while they’re still here and parents not having to do the same?